pinballJ's Actuated Chest Mod Installation for JJP PoTC

How to install the JJP Pirates of the Caribbean Actuated Chest Mod:

It would be a huge pain to have written instructions for this. A lot of the time consuming work is actually adjusting it and getting it all to sit right, which is what these videos really help with. I tried to keep them brief enough while covering everything and break them up so you could watch the necessary parts. If there are any issues, just let me know. I'll update the videos based on feedback from any installation you want to share. 

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*8/17/2019  - Code v1.1 is released with some fixes and updates:

0. Overview

In general here are the steps you're going to take to install this mod. 

1. Remove existing lid 
2. Replace old lid plate with new one
3. Run lighting wiring (optional) & reinstall lid 
4. Install bracket under playfield
5. Run connection rod & attach to servo
6. Adjust, adjust and adjust 

0a. Notes

1. You will need to bend the rod. You'll need to put a few kinks in it to make it slide down the slot in the playfield and then back to the servo. Putting a small bend at the top of the rod first so it has enough play to open and close the chest fully is also recommended. Watch the video. The rod is easily bent. 
2. The servo should be powered on at least once before installing the rod and then turned off. When you cut the power it is easiest to do it with the forks down/switch depressed/chest closed position. That way when you are installing the rod you can tape the lid closed with some blue painters tape and be able to pull the rod down snug and tighten the quick connect bushing. 
3. You'll need to loosen and adjust the servo arm to point the brass bushing "down" towards the ground (when the playfield is raised) or at the 6 o'clock position looking at the servo with the playfield raised
4. The thumb nuts we included as a little bonus won't work on the chest. They are just a bit too wide for the chest to fully open. Sorry! 

1. Parts Introduction

2. Under Playfield Installation

3. Lighting Wiring Installation (Optional with Lighting Mod)

Lighting controller buttons

Lighting controller buttons

4. Lid Installation & Alignment

5. Rod Install & Adjustments

Here is the updated rod and lid installation for the new flex rod. If you have a yellow/red rod then this is the installation you should follow. The videos below are for the original metal rod. 

If you are installing an original lid please see the video below. 

**** PLEASE NOTE: This video shows the servo knuckle (4 armed black plastic piece) in the wrong position for your mod. In this video you see the arm with the brass bushing on it pointing towards the ground when the playfield is raised. This is the wrong, opposite location that it should be. In your install please place the brass piece towards the ceiling, rotating it 180 degrees from where it was. 

6. Alternate Rod Method (Optional)