Full Width Backboard Galaxy Plastic Install Instructions

Here are the installation instructions for the Full Width Backboard Galaxy Plastic.

There are a few variations on this install. Read them and decide what works best for your sitaution. Either way install should be fairly quick and easy. Plastics are provided with a rear paper covering which you can choose to remove or not. The lights shine through well in both cases, so if you want to try it with the covering first you might be fine with it. Leaving it on protects the back of the plastic when installing it, it can get lightly scratched. Even in our prototypes, which have been installed and removed many times, the scratches aren't visible on the front. The front of the plastic is coated with a clear matte protective layer that is meant to disperse light to keep them from reflecting glare. 

1. For all games simply unscrew the four screws in the front of the Starmap plastic. There may be plastic spacers (I think all games have them) so be careful or they will fall when you take the screws out. Especially if you have an actual starmap (LE/CE) there are two spacers per screw (front and back of starmap PCB) so make sure you grab those so they don't fall. They typically stick to the PCB by they aren't held on by anything. 

2. Do whatever you want with that old plastic and those spacers. Wall art? 

3. LE/CE Models Only (SE models skip this step) - Securing the Starmap PCB

Now you have a starmap PCB hanging there. In essence it is going to just stay in that same place, we just need it mounted closer to the backboard. The PCB will not sit flat without futher modification (see next paragraph). The two little capacitors on the left side will keep it spaced out from the backboard. To keep it in place reinstall two of the screws on the right side holes enough to prevent the PCB from moving but only with the lightest pressure to not hurt the PCB. Don't snug them down, just tight enough to keep the PCB there. You don't want to put undue pressure on the PCB due to the capacitors keeping it away from the backboard. To be really safe put a small bit of mylar or tape on the screw head so it doesn't scratch the plastic. 

If you are extremely enterprising or very anal (we are!) then you may want to drill some holes in the backboard where the capacitors are. To this end we have a template you can print out to use to mark the holes with drill bit sizes. In essence you are just making holes for the capacitors to sit in. You can drill from the front or back, depending on your drill size and if you want to remove the chest. Use a vacuum to catch the wood chips while you're drilling (get a helper!). This will not be noticable at all, even if you go back to the regular starmap, so don't worry too much. Use a black paint pen to color the holes for a real finished look. See below for the template and video. 

4. Installing the plastic (everyone) 

It's just time to install the new plastic. Watch the video below to see the best way to angle it in. Basically you want to slip it behind the target ship (left ship) and then slide it down behind the Black Pearl. There is a slot that has to go around the BP actuating shaft. The plastic needs to be bent slightly to deform around the shaft. Bow it out a bit towards the front of the machine so it has enough gap. Make sure the "tabs" of the plastic (where the slots are cut out) go in front of the backboard and behind the BP. 

The plastic is held in place with friction. It sits behind a few pieces of the game which hold it in place, most notably the Black Pearl VUK (the large metal piece in the far back right corner of the game). No other attachment is needed. 

Installing The Optional Lighting


Optional Drilling Instructions

If you want to really make your starmap PCB sit flat against the backboard then you need to drill two small holes. Watch the video and download the template. 

Template Download (PDF)

**Note you can use as small as a 9/32" drill bit which has been updated on the new template.