Installation Instructions

Pop Eliminator v2

- Jersey Jack Pinball (Early)

- Jersey Jack Pinball (Late)

- Spooky Pinball

- Bally / Williams Games


Cactus Canyon

- Cactus Canyon Collection Installation


Guardians of the Galaxy

- GOTG Pro Orb Installation


Jurassic Park (DataEast)

- Electric Fence Mod Installation Instructions

- Entrance Gate Installation Instructions

- T-Rex Standup Box Installation Instructions


Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC) - Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP)

- Apron Art Installation Instructions

Black Pearl Actuating & Protection Kit Installation

Black Pearl Removal Instructions

- Black Pearl Stand-up Window Filler Installation Instructions

- Full Width Backboard Galaxy Plastic Installation Instructions

- JJP POTC Maelstrom Hidden Switch Mod Installation Instructions

- JJP Startup Pop Eliminator Installation Instructions

- pinballJ's Actuating Chest Mod Installation for JJP POTC

pinballJ's Actuated Chest Mod Code Update Instructions

POTC Chest Lighting Installation Instructions

- POTC Pop Bumper Upgrade Install

- POTC Topper Flame Enhancement Installation Instructions


Rick & Morty (R&M) - Spooky

- R&M Apron Bracket Upgrade Installation

- R&M Backboard & Trough Lighting Installation

- R&M Extra Ball Bot Installation

- R&M Interactive Scoop Lighting Installation

- R&M IPS LCD Upgrade & Bracket Installation

- R&M Kirkland Meeseeks Interactive Character Installation

- R&M Megaseed Tree Ramp Support Installation

- R&M Ramp Cover & Cromulon Head Installation

R&M Start Button Installation

R&M Topper Lighting Installation 

R&M UV Apron Lighting Installation


Spooky Pinball

- IPS LCD Upgrade Installation Instructions


The Addams Family

- Addams Family Mod Collection Installation


The Getaway: High Speed II

- Freeway Sign Installation

- Mountain Mod Installation


The Shadow

- Interactive Radio Mod Installation


Twilight Zone

- Lit Door Installation


Wizard of Oz (WoZ) - Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP)

Crystal Ball Upgrade Instructions

Flickering Flame Balloon Light Installation

Flaming Witch Mod Installation

- Interactive Throne Room Installation

Mega Lighting Kit Installation

Munchkinland Hut Upgrade Installation

- Ramp Sign Installation

- Winged Monkey Installation


Wonka - Jersey Jack (JJP)

- Stage & Captive Ball Protection Installation