Elevate Your Pinball Realm with a Touch of Medieval Magic! 

Introducing: Medieval Madness Switch Tower Covers 

Immerse Yourself: Step into a world of gallant knights and mythical beasts as you transform ordinary switches into enchanting mini castles. These tower covers perfectly capture the essence of the Middle Ages, enhancing your pinball experience like never before.

Effortless Upgrade: Embrace the elegance of design and functionality. Our slide-on towers seamlessly fit over the old gray vinyl covers, effortlessly adding a regal touch to your playfield.

Crafted Charm: The intricate tower design beautifully merges with the Medieval Madness theme, ensuring your pinball game exudes an aura of epic grandeur.

Medieval Madness Switch Tower Covers

  • $15.00

Tags: medieval madness, switch cover, tower, pinball, mod