Sick of the old style, clear flasher cover? Flashers too bright right in your eyes but still want to see the colors? These flasher covers really fit the game design and provide a functional upgrade as well. 

Replaces the standard flasher cover under the Maelstrom ramp (although also works in the other flasher location). Takes some minor disassembly of the ramp to install but not an overly complex job. Interior of the pieces are coated in a reflective material to prevent the most light loss and evenly distribute the light through the glass. 

These piratey flasher covers are directly modeled after the lamps and barrels used on the POTC ride at Disneyland. The glass is distinctly textured for an old fashioned look while also being extremely strong and flexible due to a custom resin formulation. Light transmission through the glass is very clean while also being dispersed to not flash right in your face. The barrel and lamp portions are also created from a custom resin formulation to make the thin lamp portions extremely strong. The barrel and lamp are weathered for a distinct look and to fit in with the theme. 

Each set is hand painted, finished in several coats of clear lacquer and ready to be installed in your game for a custom look. 

Choose from our full lamp or lamp on top of the barrel. The full lamp gives much more output but don't let the small lamp on the barrel fool you, there is plenty of bright light coming out of that glass. 

Piratey Lantern Flasher Cover

  • $65.00

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