An etched piece of plastic doesn't really do the throne room justice. That is why we spent months designing and refining this solid resin replacement. Themed after and holding close to many details of the original movie this piece is a finely detailed work of art. The wizard head is floating in front of the green stage and curtains and is lit with 3 RGB LEDs. Further discrete 5050 LEDs are embedded in each of the flame pots and several under the rear curtain. All of these are customizable and reactive to the game. Using the included controller the user is able to choose from 5 different modes, several different color and hue options, several brightness levels and the speed of the effects. A table has been posted within the image section which shows the various options available for customization of the modes. 

In addition to the reactive lighting there is a RGBW (yes, both RGB and White LEDs) strip embedded on the rear of the stage which lights up the right side of the playfield focusing on the Munchkinland area. This replaces the stock spotlight in this area giving a cleaner look and allowing for extreme customization in both color, hue and brightness (as well as effect, if you want it). Using the included remote you can adjust these settings without removing the glass or hunting around under the playfield. 

The mod controller, which powers the throne room, senses the flashing of the original Wizard head lighting and replicates that with the 3 LEDs inside this fantastic replacement. As well, sensing of the ball within the throne room VUK provides feedback to the mod so that it can react and go "active" when the ball has landed in the hole.

This mod is completely plug and play. All necessary hardware, electronics, wiring, mounting and organization pieces are included with our kits. Our detailed installation video will walk you through the steps and in almost no time you'll have this unique, hand crafted art installed in your game. The removal of the original spotlight and the Wizard head lighting can be accomplished without cutting wires if you have a .093 molex pin removal removal tool (offered as an option here when adding to your cart). Optionally the wires can be cut and if reinstallation is required at some later point they can be soldered back together. 

The flames on the flame pots are available in your choice of clear as well as translucent orange. Clear gives more options for color choices of the flame lighting within while those color choices don't greatly affect the orange color flames since most colors end up either lighter or darker orange. The orange gives a nice look when the game is powered down or the flame lighting is off (an option depending on which mode you have selected) but the clear allows for more unique flame lighting colors. 

On top of all of this the mod is prewired and configured to integrate directly with our WoZ Interactive Super Topper. Direct connection wiring to the topper allows for complete integration with the same lighting reactivity that the Throne Room mod itself has. This brings the topper to life and creates an awesome light show integrated with the various Throne Room rewards and modes. Purchase of the topper is required separately and is based on limited production quantities and production schedule. Topper details and preview coming soon! 

Interactive Throne Room Upgrade

  • Game: Wizard of Oz
  • Product Code: THRONE-ROOM
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $315.00

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