How to install the JJP POTC Black Pearl Protection & Alignment Kit


Here's a video of my last test install (along with some other Black Pearl info)


Here's a little upgrade kit to help with your Black Pearl motion, ramp gap and backboard wear. I noticed on my game, at least, that the backboard was getting worn down by the white bushing on the Black Pearl link arm. I suspected this would continue to get worse and increase the slack in the front to back movement of the ship. I don't believe the ship is supposed to move front to back at all. The alignment of the pins and the way the mechanism connects leaves a lot of slop in that axis and this kit will tighten that right up. It pushes the ship as far forward as it should be which closes up the gap between the ship and the ramp in many cases. There is a protection plate which goes on the backboard and a replacement bushing that goes on the connection pin which mate together. Those combined tighten up the ship left to right movement as well, making it slide smoother and with less of a jerky movement.

Since these parts have not been tested long term (I just made them) I am offering a replacement for any parts that wear out. The friction between the back board protector and the new bushing is very low. They slide against each other like they are greased up. I don't suspect there will be much wear at all but just to be safe the parts are printed with a carbon fiber reinforced PLA composite with a very smooth finish.

The inner pin bushing on the BP mounting post gets the shoulder bolt threaded through it, making it really easy to install. None of this requires removing the Black Pearl and the whole job only needs a hex key for the shoulder bolt removal. it should take no more than 5-10 minutes. For long term ownership of the game I think this is a worthwhile modification. If there is feedback and we modify this product I am happy to send out a new set to anyone who has an older version. This is the 4th version I created and I believe the kinks are all worked out but we have come to find out that JJP games have some variation in tolerances, as most hand made items do, so we may need to make some adjustments for every game out there and we're happy to do so.


Black Pearl Actuating Protection & Alignment Kit

  • $25.00

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