Here's how to install the apron art! 

Did you miss the artwork and color scheme of the prototype JJP Pirates of the Caribbean? Or just sick of the red/yellow? Personalize your game, and in our opinion, dress it up a bit! Three options available! 

Apron Art Edition

The green version was designed to compliment the CE version of the game with Davy Jones prominently featured. The other two versions work well in either edition of the game and no serial number requirements here! Order whichever you like. 

Adhesion Method

All designs and both adhesion options are printed on a heavy duty decal material with UV resistant inks and a UV resistant matte coating. They are very durable and very similar to the original decals. 

Choose the optional magnet version which will provide the same two decals on a thin magnet backing. Easily remove and swap art as you like! 


Apron Art- Upgraded Decal Set

  • $38.00

Available Options

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