Pop Eliminator v2 Installation Instructions

These are the installation instructions for all v2 Pop Eliminators. If you are looking to silence your pinball machine from all those pops, cracks and whines on startup and shutdown you can see the whole line of Pop Eliminator options for your pinball machine

General Functions & Operation
All Pop Eliminators have the same interface and muting circuitry so the following video is applicable to all installs. See below for your specific version. 

Game Specific Version Installation

See below for each of the game specific versions. 

Jersey Jack Pinball (Early)
This includes Early Wizard of Oz games as well as Dialed-In. Any game which has the CPU in the cabinet bottom. 

Jersey Jack Pinball (Late)
Games with CPU in the backbox

Spooky Pinball
Any Spooky game with a separate amplifier in the bottom of the cabinet.

Bally/Williams Games
This is intended for any game which has a similar sound board to Theater of Magic that uses two 4-pin connectors for audio.