The ball gets stuck on the stock apron bracket. And really, it just doesn't look all that attractive, right? So let's fix that. This upgraded bracket is designed to replace both the original metal bracket as well as the clear plastic under it. The overall bracket sticks out about 60% less than the original bracket. The holes are slotted so the bracket can be adjusted using the stock holes. It can be moved in and out for depth adjustment but can also be cantered left and right so it can align with specific angle of your apron. 

Installation is a simple as removing the old brackets and installing the new. These are printed in 100% infill PLA+ for durability and strength. Comes with 2 brackets per set. 

Apron Bracket Upgrade

  • Game: Rick & Morty
  • Product Code: APRON-BRACKET
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  • $22.00

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