Stop the airballs and stiffen up those ramps. 

The R&M ramps flex quite a bit at the front because unlike many ramps there is no gate going across the ramp which holds the ramp together and makes it stiffer. That, combined with the angle of the metal flaps can cause balls to fly right off the ramps. 

This custom designed, 3 piece set is CNC laser cut for perfect edges and an OEM like fit. Material is an impact resistant acrylic that is 80mill thick for stiffness and durability as well as scratch resistance. The install uses stock screw locations for the front two covers. The rear right cover has holes for an additional 3 screws that you can choose to drill and install or you can use the included 3M industrial adhesive tape for those 2 areas. We recommend creating the 3 small holes in the ramp using a 1/16" drill bit and using the supplied screws. 

Add-on the optional lit Cromulon mod. This includes a modified top right ramp plastic which a mounting position for the Cromulon head. The head is lit with a stock lighting module that plugs in to existing wiring and needs no splicing. Works with existing game lighting for a clean integration. 

Ramp Cover & Stiffener Set (Cromulon Head)

  • Game: Rick & Morty
  • Product Code: RM-RAMP-COVER-SET
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $45.00

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