"Look at me. I’m Mr. Meeseeks. I’ve been trying to help Jerry for two days, an eternity in Meeseeks time, and nothing’s worked. I fear the worst."

You asked Mr. Meeseeks for a flipper topper and he made you one! Choose the Meeseeks that best suits your game. Is he happy? Is he sad? Did you get the Kirkland version? It's all up to you as to how many and where you place them. 

This detailed product is reproduced through a SLA printing process which fuses UV curable resin in to a hard and detailed end product. Our artists finish each product with detailed sanding and buffing before painting on several layers of acrylic paint, all by hand. Three coats of a protective, UV resistant clear coat are applied on top for the ultimate protection. Extremely easy to install, simply peel off the protective coating on the reverse side revealing the adhesive. Align the topper over your flipper and push down, that's it! 

Easy to remove if you want to swap them up, the adhesive is robust and won't come off unless you want it to. 

Flipper Topper - Mr Meeseeks (Happy, Sad & Kirkland)

  • Game: Rick & Morty
  • Product Code: FLIPPER-MEESEEKS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $28.00

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