R&M Apron Bracket Upgrade

Start with the standard removing of the glass, lock bar and pull the playfield out to the service position.

1. Remove the two screws holding the apron on. Yours are likely screws with washers inside the apron so you'll need to use something to hold the nuts. (We recommend using something like this slip-on nut from Amazon however we have not tested that particular item for size and fit. Do your own research but this kind of solution makes it much easier to remove the apron). 

2. Slide the apron forward and pull it out. 

3. Remove the screws holding the original metal and plastic brackets in place. There should be 3 on the left and 2 on the right. 

4. Install the new brackets with the original screws. Test fit the apron and adjust the brackets front to back and cantered (angle) of the bracket until they fit with just a small lip sticking out to hold the apron on.