Ready to FART a new game? 

It's a button... shaped like a butt... with the word FART on it. It's a Butt Button! 

Enhance your Rick and Morty with this fun little button modification. High quality resin piece with hand painted letters and butt hairs. Letters come in green or purple. Clear coated with a UV protective coating for long lasting pleasure. 

We offer a few options with this item. You can choose to get the button by itself and install it on to your existing start button. This requires a bit of work, some simple disassembly of the existing start button and then some heat (hair dryer, heat gun) to soften the butt so it can slide over the old start button housing. Completely reversible, if you're handy this might be the way to go. 

If you want a complete package ready to install, order the complete package! It will be an entire button assembly that you simply have to swap in to your game. Takes about 5 minutes. 

We also offer a button nut wrench (hey now!) in case you want to make your life a little easier. This is a little plastic tool which fits the size of the nut used on these kinds of buttons and lets you unscrew it without bashing your knuckles or having to try and get a wrench in there. Works on many games, many nuts. All the nuts. The best nuts. 

Butt Button FART (Start) - Rick & Morty

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