Tired of those old plain targets? Looking for something to spice up your game? Get immersive with our color matched, heavy duty target decals. 

These custom designed, hand drawn decals take cues from the colors on the playfield around where they site. Maximized size fit each target correctly. Application is extremely easy (we have a great method in our install video). 

The ship figures on the separate sheet are actually transparent. Choose between the entire ship or just the cockpit, you get both. 

The material is a triple thick, inner foam, poly coated substance which protects the artwork on the decals from repeated hits. Super high glossy finish looks great against those buttery smooth playfields. 

Because of an ordering error each set of decals comes with our v2 (latest) version of HD decals (main sheet and transparent sheet) AS WELL AS a sheet of our v1 decals and corresponding transparent sheet (R&M heads). The v1 sheet was printed on a standard decal which will not hold up over time and you may see with the stock decals. We don't accept less than the best so we went back and had our production partner reproduce these in the proper format. Their loss is your gain! Use them, abuse them, stick 'em all over the place. Yours for free! 

Rick and Morty Game Decal Upgrade Set

  • $34.00

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