Sick of hearing your Pirates of the Caribbean Spinning Disc whirling about? This is the mod for you. See our videos for the drastic difference this mod provides in the overall enjoyment of the game. 

The stock game setup has two plastic gears rubbing against each other which makes a lot of racket no matter how much they are greased. We decided that the solution had to be one where the gears were not directly in contact with each other. Through a lot of testing we developed our own custom set of gears that fit just right to allow for great match with a timing belt. This means that the only contact is rubber to thermoplastic which is extremely quiet. Many, many hours of mathematics and testing gave us a combination of tooth pattern, tooth ratio and gear ratio which worked perfectly within the design of the existing mechanism. Only slight adjustment or modification is needed and is reversible. 

We have chosen to integrate with a very common sized timing belt. The tension on the belt and gears is fairly minimal so we don't anticipate much wear on the motor, gears or belt. Since the belt is a common part you would be able to replace it well in to the future. We are offering an option for additional belts at the time of ordering if you want to have those standing by. In our testing there was no perceptible wear on the belts. The belts are layered with structural fibers to provide a lot of structural support and prevent backlash and stretching. These belts are used under much stronger tension and constant movement than we are using them for. 

We have included, as well, rubber shock absorption pads. We tested 10+ different thicknesses, materials and hardness (shore) values to come up with the best solution for mounting the mechanism to the game. Too soft of a material and it will compress and/or prevent the mechanism from staying in the exact position that it must be in to center the disc. Too hard of a material and there is no point in using it. Our pads are adhesive backed to make installation easier and provide that extra bit of isolation from the playfield to keep vibration down. 

Installation is really pretty straight forward. Our video tutorial gives a complete walk through. There are two methods for installation. The larger gear can be attached to the existing disc with either epoxy or screws. Screw holes are already created in the gear for you to use as a template for drilling. Screws are also included with the kit so you have exactly the right size. This is the method we prefer. Using the large gear as a guide you won't have to worry about marking or laying out the holes and there is no worry about damaging any part of the disc. The holes are hidden and don't affect anything. The disc is such a tight fit that a two part epoxy would also hold it perfectly in place. 

The kit comes with everything you need except for the drill bit or epoxy. Any standard 2-part epoxy should be fine, 5 minute set would be ideal and it should sit for a day to let it fully cure. The small gear has a set screw inside a brass heat-set insert as an extra measure of attachment. In reality, the gear is so precise that nothing is needed to hold it on. However, a 2.5mm allen wrench would be needed to tighten that set screw. The procedure to install this kit requires removing nothing extra from the game but the disc mechanism which is held on with 8 easily accessible 1/4" hex head screws, very common. Anyone with basic tools and skills should be able to install this kit and it's completely reversible if you decide you don't want it. 

Spinning Disc Belt Drive Silencer

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