Here's the video, it says it all. The only real special tool you need is a hex key. 2 or 3mm, I can't recall... I'll go find out! 


Are you wanting to upgrade your POTC with some really cool looking pop bumper barrels? Get in on that spinning action with a real Davy or Jack Neca character and custom, hand crafted and finished pop bumper barrels. Get the whole set for a consistent look. 

Pop Bumper Selection

- Spinning Character (Jack or Davy). This replaces the lower left pop bumper topper. If you have a CE or LE then you have Tortuga Tom there. If you have a SE then you just have a piece of plastic. For SE's you'll need the motor kit to go along with it, LE and CE can use their existing motor. 

- Spinning Trinket (Book, Coins & Spyglass). This one goes under your Black Pearl ramp in the back. Same as with the Character pop you can order this with the motor kit for SE games. LE and CE will use their existing motors. 

- Beating Heart. This heart is transluscent so the GI lighting under it shines through (see the video!). It replaces the back right pop bumper although it will fit in the front right as well. Installation is a breeze with a few parts to remove and swaps right over. Replace that ugly flat plastic with a matching barrel set. 

- Piratey Skull. The skull pop is meant to go in the lower right position, although it can go in the upper right. SE, LE and CE can all benefit from these last two in replacing the stock flat plastic pieces. Order them all for a matching set! 

Choose one or more of the pop bumpers to complete the look of your game. Each "item" comes with one pop bumper with whatever topper you select. Optional motor kits are listed as well if you have a SE and want to use the spinning pops. You must purchase the motor kit to use the spinning pop bumpers on a SE, even if you don't want them to spin for some reason. They only fit with the motor in place. 

The installation is fairly straight forward and requires minimal tools. Some playfield parts will need to be removed, including the launch ramp and the BP ramp, but these are easily set aside for the installation and put right back on. A socket/ratchet and a screw driver is pretty much all you need. 

All items are pre-assembled and ready to install. The heart and skull toppers are semi-transparent and let the GI lighting shine through. The character you choose will be hacked off at the waist (don't worry, they won't feel a thing) and slightly modified to fit within the constraints of the game and for proper spinning on the barrel. Most of the Jack characters will come with a hat, sword, gun and rum bottle. Davy mostly comes with the hat. A few exceptions to this may exist where the hat was not available. If this is a concern please ask us before ordering. 

Spinning Pop Bumpers, Barrel and Character Upgrades

  • $55.00

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