If you're looking to upgrade your Spooky pinball machine LCD to a really nice IPS 1920x1080 display then you're in luck. We have designed a custom mounting system for these upgraded panels and researched the best screen and controller to replace the stock display. This makes installation a breeze. With this display the blacks are very black. Viewing is possible from all angles so players of different heights see the same deep blacks and rich colors. No gray bands or haziness shows with this screen. The difference is night and day and really improves viewing for taller and shorter players who don't line up directly with the stock screen. 

The kit comes with a brand new 15.6" IPS LCD screen, HDMI controller, custom mounting brackets and all hardware needed. Felt pads are provided for the tabs to cushion against the screen and 3M tape is added to help hold the PCB bracket to the screen. 

Spooky Upgraded IPS LCD Screen

  • $265.00

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