Our UV (blacklight) lighting will make all of the glowable elements on your playfield POP. This is an easy way to add UV lighting without any modifications, completely plug and play. On top of that our system is designed to keep the light out of your eyes with a unique mounting channel which directs the light both forward and down but not in your eyes. Now offering both lower apron mounting as well as optional upper playfield (backboard) lighting. 

If you have the neon green plastic protection for your Rick and Morty this is a great way to make it glow something fierce. Any neon plastics will glow and you can add glow in the dark rubbers to the game for even more spooky effect. TNA looks amazing with some blacklight (see the pics). Choose any color frame you like to match your game's apron. If you want a custom color we can probably accommodate if you contact us. 

Installation takes no more than 10-15 minutes and comes with everything you need to add this to your game. The only tool needed is a pair of wire cutters to trim the tails on the provided zip ties. The custom designed mounting frames sit on the front of the apron and are attached with included 3M mounting tape. The tape is easily removed without any solvents if you want to move to another machine. The apron is easily removable with a single connector accessible directly under the apron. This works for all newer Spooky Pinball games (TNA and newer) with the Spooky Power Board in the back right corner of the cabinet. 

Spooky Pinball UV Lighting (Apron & Backboard)

  • $65.00

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