Wizard of Oz (WOZ) Mega Lighting Kit Installation

Now that you're the proud owner of a lot of little bits, let's look at how to install them. Each section is broken up in to a video below so you can break your installation down in to manageable steps. 

Introduction to the WOZ Mega Lighting Upgrade Kit by The Pinball Mod Co

The Bulbs

Here are the various bulbs we are including with the kit and suggestions on placement. Just keep in mind that the existing spotlights in your JJP games use a 12v bulb and in the kit we are providing 6v power and bulbs for the new spotlights. This gives you much more freedom in selecting replacement bulbs for those new spotlights. We have also included some 12v bulbs which you can use in your original JJP spotlights, please make note of the labeling on the envelopes. 

1. The Power Controller & Wireless Controllers 

Here is an overview of the power controller (where the power is provided for all of the lighting in the system) as well as the two RGB wireless lighting controllers. The power controller box is installed in the front of the left side of the cabinet, about a foot inside the coin door. Power comes from the coin door bill acceptor plug. Each of the wireless RGB controllers mounts near their LED strips to be controlled by the remotes. 

2. Backboard LED Strip Installation

Starting at the back, we'll locate and install the backboard LED strip along the roof of the lower cabinet. Up there you will mount the wireless receiver, as well, with the IR pointing forward. The wires will run back and down the left side of the cabinet and forward towards the coin door to meet up with the power control box.

3. Trough LED Strip Installation

Now it's time to put the lighting in the ball trough. Just remove the apron and we'll attach the lighting and wire it up. The wireless controller mounts under the apron or under the playfield, depending on where you want to point the remote. Then the wires follow the main bundle down the playfield to the back of the cabinet and back towards the front along the left side to meet up with the power controller. 

4. Spotlight Installation

Coming soon