JST Connector Disassembly

Watch this video first. You may want to remove the pins from the 3 pin JST connector for an easier installation: 

Installation Video

One of the remaining items on Jersey Jack Pinball's WOZ that needed some attention was the Munchkinland houses just off to the east of the spinning house. The original is a thin, formed plastic with a decal applied. This replacement is a pinball enthusiast design which enhances the look of the game greatly and adds a bit of fun interactivity. 

Some of the features of this replacement include it being printed out of a high quality, super strong polymer which will hold up for a long time. It has been redesigned and imagined to fit the area with much more precision and coverage. As much of the mechanisms as we could cover up, we did. Meticulous attention was spent on handling fitment and routing wires, etc.  An unused part of the ramp has been covered now, which extends the village quite a bit. Additional attention has been paid to the interaction with the ball lock bar with a lattice wall and brick facade used to embellish the area and cover more mechanisms. 

Hand painted and finished the piece comes with individually applied flower and plant arrangements to mimic the original Munchkinland in the Wizard of Oz movie. "Glass" is applied to every window for a realistic look. Features are actually built in to the piece with windows and doors having a depth and style to them a simple decal can not convey. The hand painted finish includes a textured surface for an added bit of pop. 

Included with this version is a custom LED light show which you can control. A simple plug and play installation without any wire cutting or soldering gives you a fully lit Munchkinland Village. Each of the 4 "drops" on top of the huts and each of the 3 windows light up based on choices you can make with our integrated controller and keypad. All custom developed and programmed we have allowed for several scene settings and effects which make this modification even more realistic. Coming in a v2 will be a plug and play integration controller which will allow the lights to be affected by the position of balls on the playfield and in the lock. Easy upgrade with a few plugs and you'll take your v1 Munchkinland Huts and add on this interactivity. Stay tuned for more information on this in 2021. 

Installation is a breeze. No matter if you got the interactive controller, the mod will install in mere minutes. A few screws and nuts and you'll have a great addition to your game. 

**Photos and video shown here is of a pre-production prototype. Colors subject to change but the general concept and design will be as you see here. 

Munchkinland Hut Upgrade

  • Game: Wizard of Oz
  • Product Code: WOZ-MUNCHKINLAND
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $385.00

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