Here is a very early test of the ruby red flames and about 1/4 of the overall lighting that will be in the final version. There will be many more flames, evenly spread out and more constant light versus the sporadic light. This is about 6 LED elements when the final will have closer to 20. 

Here is an alternative to your tired, bored, encapsulated witch. This is meant as a plug and play, drop in replacement for your existing witch and tube and shouldn't take more than a half hour or hour to install. Everything is printed, sanded and painted by hand. The highest quality and strongest filaments are used to make a long lasting, highly detailed piece. 

The mod consists of 3 pieces. A stone base, a flaming smoke insert and a witch figure. The base is set to match the walls and rock work of the RR Backalley Creations castle walls. All pieces were hand designed by a talented 3D artist who has sculpted each element individually.  

Flaming Witch Mod Color and Lighting Options

While the base and witch are the same for all versions, we are offering 2 different flame finishes surrounding the witch. 

  • Classic Movie Red Painted Flames (over translucent red filament)
  • Ruby Red (clear filament with a metallic cherry red finish with sparkling flecks)

Each mod comes with an embedded set of micro controlled addressable LEDs which add a whole additional layer of depth and interactivity to the witch. All of these features/functions are controllable and disable-able so you can make the lighting work how you like it. Color selection of the flame lights can be chosen to match your flame look. The LED strips are embedded within the flames for a very realistic look and even color/glow. 

  • When the witch is retracted a slow, steady, dim glow slowly pulses in the flames
  • When the witch starts to travel upwards the slow pulses increase to a roaring flame with flickering wisps of red, yellow and orange (default, or other colors selected to match your flames) 
  • When the witch is defeated the flames retreat down and go out. After a short time they start up again back to the first stage of lighting above. 

A keypad is included with the controller which let you configure the "show" (slow simmering flames to raising flames to going out, or just have the flames come on when the witch is up), the flame colors (fire, emerald, golden), max brightness and the speed at which the flames flicker. You can make this mod custom to your game and your tastes. 


Flaming Witch Mod with Realistic Fire

  • Game: Wizard of Oz
  • Product Code: FLAMING-WITCH
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $345.00

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