pinballJ's Actuated Chest Mod Code Update Instructions

To update the code on the Actuated Chest Mod controller you need a few things: 

1. Mini USB cable (
2. Arduino IDE Software (
3. Updated code (


1. Download the Arduino IDE software from the above link. Choose your operating system from the latest IDE version and download to your computer. 
2. Install the Arduino IDE 
3. Download the updated code (see above link). Find the latest code folder (at this time it is ChestModCode.v1.1) and download the .ino file from within the folder. Save it to your Downloads folder or Desktop, somewhere you know. 
4. Power on your game and connect the Arduino to your laptop with a mini USB cable. 
5. Open the Arduino IDE and open the .ino file (go to the File menu and choose Open) 
6. Generally the IDE should detect the port for the Arduino, to confirm go to the Tools menu and look under the Port sub menu. You'll want to choose the proper COM/Serial port for your computer. Usually it will say something like "cu.usbserial" for Mac or "COM1" or something similar for PC. If you are unsure which port, just unplug the USB plug and see which port goes away or comes back when you plug it back in. 
7. Upload the code. Click on the Sketch menu and choose Upload. If all goes well you should see "Uploading" and then "Upload done". The Arduino will reboot and will start the new code. 


If you have an old USB cable and you're having issues uploading code, it might be the USB cable. 

If you are having issues uploading code, reboot your computer, unplug and plug back in the Arduino and make sure the correct Port is selected. 

You need to install 2 libraries in the Arduino IDE. Under Tools, Manage Libraries. Search for "keypad" and find the one by Mark Stanley and Alexander Brevig, choose the latest version and install. Then search FastLED and the one by Daniel Garcia and install the latest. 


Here is the connection portion of the procedure. 


Here is the software portion of the procedure.