The Black Pearl ramp is supported at the top only on the right side. This leaves the left side to dangle, letting the ramp rest on a screw that hits the bottom of the ramp making an indent. At the same time there is no adjustment to accurately level the ramp. This easy to install mod will give you complete adjustability over the ramp height and alignment while providing the needed support to prevent the ramp from sitting on that screw. 

This is produced with a high strength polymer to withstand repeated pressure. All threads are chased for easy adjustments without any tools. 

- Helps support the top of the ramp to the BP
- Overall height screw adjustment (no tools)
- Independently adjustable port and starboard padded platforms
- Lifts ramp up over screw which digs in to the ramp
- No permanent modifications, uses existing mechanisms for install 

Easy install, just a few screws to remove and a few minutes of adjustment.

In stock and shipping!

Black Pearl Ramp Support

  • $35.00

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