Need some illumination near the lower end of your game? Toss in one of our trough light kits and have complete control over brightness, hue and saturation. Choose any RGB color combination and illuminate away! 

Is the back of your game dark? Then add in a backboard light strip and brighten up that game. 

All of our lighting products are made with high quality RGB 5050 LEDs. Hand soldered in the USA our lighting kits are easy to install. Plug and play connections are included for each game and lighting product. We even send you the zip ties! Everything we make is high quality, hand soldered in the USA with proper wire protection, mounting hardware and complete installation videos that walk yo through the process. 

Our trough lighting is double the lighting of competitor products. Two lighting strips make up the full lighting array in the trough. On top of that our LED strips are some of the densest available. Trough lighting is approximately 24 LED lights, insane amount of color and brightness all the way down to a dim glow, it's all within your control with the push of a button. No need to remove any part of the game to change your lighting, just pick up the remote and press a button. 

Choose one or both of our lighting options for JJP games and have control over your custom lighting solution. Trough and backboard lighting both come with all power adapters needed, wireless remote control over all light settings with almost unlimited color combinations. Choose any brightness, customize your backboard and trough lighting as you want, anytime. You are not stuck with a single color for these elements anymore, have flexibility and ease of installation. 

Our mounting system has been custom developed for trough lighting. Other products use cardboard or duct tape to adhere to your game, we do not. Our custom bent plastic mounts easily attach to your game and can be removed in seconds if you need. Installation is quick and easy. 

JJP Trough & Backboard Lighting RGB Custom Color

  • $85.00

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