"Now which way do we go?"
"Pardon me, this way is a very nice way."

When you aren't quite sure which way to go rely on our Wizard of Oz Ramp Sign to guide you. This solid resin custom designed sign fits right in with your Jersey Jack WoZ. Attaching using exiting screw holes the sign comes pre-lit and with several programs to choose from. Full control over color hue, brightness, effect and speed are given through our custom controller. 

Patterns include solid, black flashing, white sparkles, rotating, chasing and random (repeating). 

Installation is a breeze with only two screws needing to be removed. 

Ramp Entrance Sign (WoZ)

  • Game: Wizard of Oz
  • Product Code: WOZ-RAMP-SIGN
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $225.00

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