If you were not aware during the production of the Plumbus schleem is used. But it is also repurposed for future batches. Here we have some of that repurposed schleem ready to spice up your flippers. Choose whatever combination you want of our different Rick & Morty Pinball Flipper Toppers and you'll never be a Jerry again. 

These are solid, resin pieces that are hand painted and coated in a UV protective clear coating. 3M adhesive VHB tape is used to adhere these to the flippers. Extremely sticky but also easily removed in the future if you want to change it up. Clean those flippers with some alcohol (your favorite brand, *burrrrrp*) for best adhesion. 

Repurposed Schleem Flipper Topper

  • Game: Rick & Morty
  • Product Code: FLIPPER-MEESEEKS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $28.00

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