• Wonkavision Stage & Wonka Bar Captive Ball Protector

We noticed there was an ongoing issue with the -04 plastic above the captive ball and took at the fix to another level. Not fans of printed plastics and empty spaces we found just the right fit for this area. 

The Wonkavision stage replicates the scene in the movie with the large Wonka Bar being transmitted over the air in millions of tiny little pieces and reassembled at the other end.

This mod is almost too easy to install. A few screws to remove, put the stage in place and you're good to go. Made from extra thick and strong the stage will hold up to all kinds of abuse. The bars are made from a super strong resin for ultimate detail and strength. The bar is hand painted and coated in a UV protectant and sealant for long lasting finish and color. 


Wonkavision Stage & Wonka Bar Captive Ball Protector

  • Game: Willy Wonka
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $125.00

Tags: wonka, willy wonka, pinball, captive ball protection, stage