If you have the original pinballJ's Actuated Chest Mod then this upgrade is an option for you. Through many installs we have taken feedback from users as to any issues or modifications they had to make for a trouble free installation. At the same time our 3rd run of Lexan lids ran out and we are now printing lids for the remaining POTC owners who want this mod. With that we were able to make some adjustments to take care of those issues that were found and the changes that were suggested. 

So what do you get? 

- Upgraded flexible rod which requires no bending and much less adjustment. Less possibility of it catching on anything and pre-cut to already installed example. Comes with all mounting hardware pre-assembled, including new clevis attachment for servo side and ball joint end for chest side. 

- Upgraded chest lid bracket (bracket v2) . Comes with angled and baffled slot for LED placement, pointing back towards the chest now. Diffusion material is installed in the slot and there is a "light shield" in the front of it to prevent light spillage from the light trough. Reinforcement where ball joint connects. Adjusted layout to accommodate inconsistencies in front-right of metal chest base bracket which could prevent the lid from closing all the way on the right side. 

Video installation instructions will be provided for the upgrade. If you haven't bought the kit yet then all new kits are coming with this upgrade and you do not need to buy this separately. 


Lighting Add On

If you did not original get lighting with your chest mod and you would like to add it, this is the option for you. We will include all the necessary parts you need with the lights pre-installed on the new lid. Or if you just want new lights pre-installed without having to move over the old lights you can choose this option. 

Actuated Chest Mod Lid & Rod Upgrade

  • $25.00

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pinballJ's Actuated Chest Mod

pinballJ's Actuated Chest Mod

It was in the prototype but didn't get produced in the final game. We all saw it, we all wanted it. ..


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